Help Us in Our Mission to Make America Great Again

OUR MISSION is ready to help the GOP get the right candidates in office for 2018. Using our 105 foot ladder fire truck at heavily traveled freeway intersections around the USA where needed. We will raise a huge flag with the candidates message on it that would be seen by hundreds of thousands of people driving by each day.

Support Our Cause

With your Support & Donation to TODAY, we will have our 105 Foot Ladder Fire Truck on the road where needed to Support our Ground Movement Campaign for President Trump. We will be proud to hoist the American Flag and a Flag with the slogan
"SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP TODAY" 105 Feet high in the air in Hope of Getting President Trump's Agendas passed.

This will be an Eight Year Campaign. Donations will pay for General Maintenance of the 105 Foot Ladder Fire Truck, Flat Bed Transportation, Continuous Printing of Graphics and Installation, Security, Retired Fire Fighters, and Retired Police Officers.

Please Donate through our website or send us a check made out to Fire Up GOP. You will receive a Certificate for your Generous Donations. Individuals or Companies who Donate $5000 or more will receive a Plaque.

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Fire Truck podium